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Photonic device microcharacterisation

Photonic device microcharacterisation - Melles Griot and Navitar

Fabrication step: Device fabrication, packaging and testing
Function: Semiconductor optoelectronics and lasers
Location: Macquarie University
Purpose: Quality assurance and measurement of device specifications system based on nanopositioning stages and optical probes
Material systems: Metals polymers glasses crystals ceramics and biological specimens
Node: OptoFab
Scale/volume: Characterise chips 50x50x10mm
Specifications/resolution: Flexure stages with 10nm step size in x y z. Roll pitch yaw micropositioning. Less than 10nm creep. Integrated imaging system with resolution 2 micron. Swept wavelength system (1.0 1.08 micron) broad band light source (450 2000nm) and mid IR source (2.5 3 micron) for optical characterisation