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Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence - Microscope TIRF

Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF) Microscope allows researchers to measure the change in refractive index (TIRF angle) between a specimen and glass slide or tissue culture plate. With the addition of specific fluorophores, the laser can be incorporated for measuring specific sample TIRF angles.

Fabrication step: Characterisation
Function: Microscopy
Location: Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication
Purpose: Characterisation of biological interactions including protein protein cell signalling and cell interactions on surfaces. The TIRF system can be used to image minute structures with a large number of fluorophores located outside the optical plane. It can also be utilised to investigate intra- and extracellular protein dynamics, e.g. measuring the pore formation of proteins on a cell.
Material systems: Biologicals on any material
Node: Victoria