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Nano Tomography Xradia Ultral XRM-L200

The turn-key x-ray computer Xradia UltraXRM-L200 tomography system is designed with the ability to view 'inside' samples to see critical internal structures, features and defects. It provides non-destructive 3D resolution down to 50nm with fully automated data acquisition.

Outstanding images can be obtained from both low and high atomic number materials, composites, polymers and biological samples without the addition of contrasting agents. The associated software allows calculation of pore size, continuity calculations, density and standard surface metrology evaluation.

Nano Tomography - Xradia Ultral XRM-L200

Fabrication step: Characterisation
Function: Bulk microscopy
Location: University of South Australia
Purpose: Ultra-high resolution CT scanner for 3D visualization of microscopic sample volumes with up to 50nm resolution
Material systems: Biological, ceramic, glasses, metal, polymers and Semiconductor
Node: South Australia
Specifications/resolution: 50nm resolution