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The InVia Raman microprobe provides vibrational spectroscopy information on solid, liquid and gaseous samples. It uses a low power CW laser to excite the sample and the emitted Raman radiation is shifted from the exciting wavelength by the energy that corresponds to the vibrational and rotational Raman active vibrational modes of the sample under investigation with a capability from 8 cm-1.

The sampling area limitation is determined by the diffraction limit, and primarily depends on the exciting wavelength. The sensitivity of the technique is determined by the numerical aperture of the collecting optics, the intensity of the Raman emission and the power that the sample can endure without burning / decomposing. For a solid this may be a cubic micron of material with power levels determined by attenuation filters and defocus of the laser. We can obtain Raman spectra for the single crystals used for x-ray structure determination.

The Raman effect has a low sensitivity to water and glass (samples can be held in water and sealed in a glass container), it has xyz positionability, so spectra can be obtained inside transparent samples such as crystals etc.

Raman can be combined with complementary techniques like AFM and SEM. The AFM NDT-NTEGRA system enables measurement of AFM and Raman spectra at the same position and time on a sample.The NExT filter double monochromator on the InVia instrument enabling measurements down to 8 cm-1.

Fabrication step: Characterisation
Function: Surface - thin films
Location: Griffith University
Purpose: Spectroscopic analysis of materials, mapping, imaging and observing in situ reactions under electrochemical control synthesis
Material systems: Inorganic, organic or biological
Node: Queensland
Scale/volume: Individual samples systems areas to 150 x 150mm, variable temperature solution and gas environments, remote operation for hazardous systems
Specifications/resolution: Renishaw InVia near edge micro Raman Renishaw 2000 UV Raman microprobe Renishaw 100 optical fibre Raman. Wavelengths available: 325, 442, 514, 633, 785 nm. 2D mapping of surfaces.