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Laser Light Scattering spectrometry system Surfscan 7700M

The Surfscan 7700M is a laser light scattering spectrometer for patterned wafer inspection. It can be used for analysing patterned and non-patterned surfaces and for wafer defect analysis of films, with high sensitivity on after-etch and high topography applications.

The circular input polarization enhances sensitivity and defect capture on post-CMP and other post-deposited layers. It has a resolution of ~ 150nm and laser incidence angle of 10%. System handling is set for 150mm wafers 675µm thick. The system can analysis >30 150mm wafers per hour. External user access is available in a class 100 environment. 3”, 100mm, and 200mm wafer size capability conversion kits are to be delivered. Within 2011 the system environment will be upgraded towards class 10.

For more detailed specifications and capabilities see under Facilities.

Fabrication step: Characterisation
Function: Surface - thin films
Location: Griffith University
Purpose: Quantification of defectivity issues in films for optimisation of deposition processes. Routine assessment of particle contamination for equipment within the QMF to maximise yield
Material systems: Targeted at SiC films
Node: Queensland
Scale/volume: Auto handling from cassette up to 200mm wafers
Specifications/resolution: 3 inch, 100mm, 150mm & 200mm wfaer size particle and defect measurement system to 0.15µm on patterned wafers.