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Near-field scanning optical microscope NSOM

Near-field Scanning Optical Microscopy (NSOM) is a type of scanning probe microscopy (SPM) that uses an optical fibre as the probe. This allows it to deliver light to or collect light from the sample, providing transmission, reflection, fluorescence and photocurrent images with nanometre resolution.

The Nanonics MultiView 1000 integrates all forms of SPM with conventional optical microscopy, which allows a combination of established far-field measurements to be correlated with nanometric SPM characterisation. The 3D Flats can probe scanner is integrated with an upright optical microscope. The NSOM has been used to produce photocurrent maps of organic solar cells and to fabricate optical gratings through photo-polymerisation at the nanometre scale.

Fabrication step: Characterisation
Function: microscopy
Location: University of Newcastle
Purpose: Optical spectroscopy/ photolithography on the nanometre scale - photocurrent, fluorescence, and grating fabrication
Material systems: All
Node: Materials
Scale/volume: Maximum sample size: 20 x 20 mm