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Focused ion beam system FEI Helios 600 NanoLab (FIB)

The 30kV e-beam allows very high resolution SEM imaging (0.9nm) alongside other ion-beam features like simple milling, 3D reconstruction (slicing + SEM) and TEM lamellae preparation (also available in automatic mode).

Also available for ion beam deposition of platinum, gold, SiO2 as well reactive ion beam etching with the addition of XeF2 (SiO2) or I2 (III-V).

Fabrication step: Characterisation
Function: Microscopy
Location: Australian National University
Purpose: High resolution SEM, TEM lamellae, slicing/3D reconstruction and IB dep
Material systems: Semiconductors, glass and rocks
Node: Australian Capital Territory
Scale/volume: 6 inch Wafer / One
Specifications/resolution: 30kV