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Internal 3-dimensional analysis work for Dotmar

Simon Doe and Dotmar - ANFF SA node
As a demonstration of how ANFF is supporting industry, a simple example has been released describing our interactions with Dotmar, a leading supplier of engineered thermoplastic parts.

ANFF were able to use their recently acquired Xradia MicroXCT-400 X-ray Nanotomography equipment at their South Australian Node...


Prof Mark Kendall, ANFF-Q and Vaxxis - Biomedical devices
ANFF has a vital role in the translation of health research into real world applications for the general public. One of the large projects that ANFF-Q is involved in that falls into this category, is the development of the Nanopatch. This research effort, headed by Prof. Mark Kendall at the Australian...

Bringing colour vision to infrared sensing

Professor Lorenzo Faraone AM, WA node - Defence, biomedical devices, environmental monitoring, mining, viticulture and agriculture
Infrared ‘night vision’ technology is of major importance to many homeland and international defence systems. But existing infrared is unreliable and cumbersome, producing unclear lack and white images. Researchers at...

A key building block for a quantum computer

Prof Andrew Dzurak and Dr Andrea Morello, NSW node - Frontier technologies
ANFF provides the world’s best fabrication tools for Australian scientists at the forefront of their field. Providing this intersection between frontier science and fabrication capabilities is seeding many technological breakthroughs that will change the world.

Since the...