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Wenlong Cheng - ANFF Victorian node
The development of smart, ultrathin, multifunctional nanobio membranes will lead to the improved technologies in seawater desalination with low energy consumption, and at-home, lightweight and highly sensitive foldable toxic gas detectors. MCN technology fellow, Dr Wenlong Cheng from Monash University is tackling the problem of to developing intelligent, ultra thin nanobio membranes for applications in environmental monitoring.

The project requires combined top-down lithography (photolithography) and bottom-up self-assembly (DNA-programmable materials synthesis). The facilities at MCN are important for this work because there are state-of-the-art lithographical tools (photolithography, e-beam lithography, focused-ion-beam lithography, etc.), characterisation tools (AFM, SEM, confocal microscope, etc.), and biological labs.