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Safeguarding Australia case studies

Optic fibre sensors: An aircraft wing that knows when it is corroding

Roman Kostecki and Tanya Monro, OptoFab node — University of Adelaide
Frontier technologies
Aircraft wings with built in corrosion detectors could save millions in maintenance and increase the safety of aircraft.

This is one of many technologies evolving from a new generation of sensors made from optical fibres that are being developed...

ANFF in the war against terror

Dr Yonggang Zhu
Safeguarding Australia
A device that can quickly and reliably detect sarin, the colourless and odourless gas responsible for the 1995 terrorist attack on the Tokyo subway in 1995, has been developed at ANFF.

The “lab-on-a-chip” device looks set to boost national security and potentially save lives.

Protecting the national water supply

A device fabricated at ANFF’s Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication (MCN) could have saved Sydney’s 1998 water crisis.

Microfluidic sensing platforms capable of sorting and filtering nano-particles within Aquatic Sensor Systems may hold the key for future pathogen detection within community water supplies.

Bringing colour vision to infrared sensing

Professor Lorenzo Faraone AM, WA node - Defence, biomedical devices, environmental monitoring, mining, viticulture and agriculture
Infrared ‘night vision’ technology is of major importance to many homeland and international defence systems. But existing infrared is unreliable and cumbersome, producing unclear lack and white images. Researchers at...