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Zourab Brodzeli and Francois Ladouceur, ANFF-NSW - commercialising their technology
A new photonic device could enable sensing in harsh environments where traditional electrical-based devices fail.

The device uses an optical transducer based on liquid crystals and nano-materials. It is effective for a range of applications where conventional electronic sensors would typically fail or be inappropriate, such as: flow (or pressure) monitors for oil and gas pipe lines, flammable gas detection in mines, voltage sensors for high power electrical lines, vibration sensors for power generation turbines, etc

The UNSW School of Electrical Engineering in collaboration Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) developed this technology with the support of ANFF capabilities at the NSW node. It is simple to manufacture and ongoing work is exploring its full potential in other sensing applications.

The Photonics Group at UNSW are at the early stage of commercialisation. Exciting times!