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Simon Doe and Dotmar - ANFF SA node
As a demonstration of how ANFF is supporting industry, a simple example has been released describing our interactions with Dotmar, a leading supplier of engineered thermoplastic parts.

ANFF were able to use their recently acquired Xradia MicroXCT-400 X-ray Nanotomography equipment at their South Australian Node to assist Dotmar. The purchase of this facility was accelerated by the University of South Australia having it commissioned in February 2011 two years ahead of the EIF schedule.

The defective product, an injection moulded spray nozzle, was not performing as specified with the spray pattern being distorted. This issue was suspending Dotmar’s production operations.

ANFF-SA were tasked to perform a detailed internal 3-dimensional analysis of the part and identify the internal defect. A 3D rendered view of the nozzle at higher magnification showed the presence of a small ridge on the top of the nozzle exit. This was causing the liquid to be ejected in an uncontrolled manner. This data allowed Dotmar to work with their tool maker to rectify this issue and continue production.