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ANFF Victorian node Dr Christina Cortez-Jugo, Monash University
ANFF Victoria therapeutic molecules into cancer cells, without harming healthy cells, remains a largely unsolved technological challenge.

The project at MCN aims to address this problem by developing sophisticated, nanoscale therapeutic carriers, with improved efficacy and specificity.

It will investigate the use of pore forming proteins, which have the ability to temporarily puncture cells, to facilitate the transport of therapeutic molecules inside cancer cells. The facilities at MCN are important for this work because they allow the efficient integration of life science research with material science research. The scientific and technological advances in drug delivery and nanomedicine that would be enabled by this work are poised to revolutionise cancer treatment and lead to improved healthcare.

Confocal microscopy image (Image above right Nikon A1Rsi at MCN) showing the uptake of fluorescently-labelled pore forming proteins (green) by cancer cells (membrane in red, nuclei in blue).