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3D nano-lithography: combined electron and ion beam fabrication Return to case studies page

Saulius Juodkazis, ANFF-Vic with Raith GmbH Nanotechnology
A world leader in nanotechnology, Raith GmbH, have partnered with ANFF-Vic node at Swinburne University to introduce a third dimension to nano-fabrication.

Through a Joint Development Program between Swinburne and Raith and partially funded through an ARC Industry Linkage grant, the team at Swinburne will develop a means of 3D patterning by combining electron beam lithography (2D) and ion beam milling (3D) with a precision of several nanometres.

ANFF’s ion and electron beam lithography capabilities will create the structures that enable light to be controlled at nano-scale and opening the possibilities for ground breaking new applications in photonics and sensing.

One example is the creation of a 3D chiral nanostructure. When it interacts with light (photons) it has an angular momentum (spin and orbital) defined by a circular polarization and a spiralling wave front. 3D structures could be used in discriminating left and right chiral molecules (glucose, DNA, etc) to create a new generation of biosensors.

Other applications include bio- and environmental sensing, and light harvesting for solar cells (image above right).