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Microarray spotter

The NanoPrintTM LM60 microarrayer is a microarray-manufacturing platform for research and diagnostic applications, with the ability to miniaturise and multiplex many types of traditional assays. The instrument provides a platform for further supporting biological research at nano-scale with a significantly by making this innovative microarray spotting technique available to researchers, students and commercial clients.

Microarray spotter of proteins and organic materials

Fabrication step: Bio fabrication
Function: Bio characterisation
Location: Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication
Purpose: The Nanoprint microarray printer can be a useful tool for multiplex in ELISA and Real time PCR techniques as well as screening for food allergens, biomarker characterisation, gene expression, genotyping, comparative genomic hybridisation and immunoassays. Precise printing/arraying of biomolecules polymers and cells into and onto devices
Material systems: Biological and polymeric materials
Node: Victoria
Specifications/resolution: The NanoPrintTM LM60 incorporates three 384 well sample microplates onto 60 standard glass substrates.