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Plate reader

The Tecan Infinite 200 is a multifunctional microplate reader which provides high performance for the vast majority of today’s microplate applications and research.

It is designed as a general purpose laboratory instrument for professional use, supporting common 6 to 384-well microplates conforming to the ANSI/SBS standards. In addition it offers high flexibility in wavelength selection for fluorescence intensity and absorbance measurements.

Fabrication step: Bio fabrication
Function: Bio characterisation
Location: University of Queensland
Purpose: UV plate reader
Material systems: Organic, inorganic, polymerics and biological
Node: Queensland
Scale/volume: Microscope slide or micro well plates up to the size of 15x85x127 mm
Specifications/resolution: Capable of single wavelength UV Vis measurement or a scan from 230nm 1000nm, capable of single wavelength, fluoresence measurement or a scan from ex 230/600nm and em 330/600nm