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Laser scanner

The Laser Scanner is a micron-resolved optical scanning device that has the option of either use with fluorescence or reflectance imaging. The Laser Scanner applications range from material science in the imaging of fluorescent polymers and fluorescent dye-treated polymeric materials to mircofluidic devices and biological-based samples such as protein arrays and biological specimens.

The Tecan LS reloaded laser scanner has two lasers – a 635nm laser and a 532nm laser suitable for imaging samples treated with far red dyes (e.g. Cy5, Alexa 633) and green and red dyes (eg DsRed, Cy3, Cy2, FITC, DiO) respectively. The resolution of imaging on this device is in the region of 4¬60µm.

Figures right legend: a) Tecan LS Reloaded Laser Scanner b) Image of Micro-Arrays c) Image of Fluorescent-dyed polymers d) Image of a fluorescent labelled mouse.

Examples of use:

  • For microfluidic devices the entire device can be scanned within minutes to check on tube structure and uniformity. A 2D image can be created and static images of the device can be taken during operation of the device.
  • For arrays and micro-arrays the scanner can be used as a tool for quick analysis. The Laser Scanner has in-built software that can setup controls and carry out an automated quality control.
  • Fluorescent-treated polymeric images created by lithography processes can be imaged within minutes.
  • Fluorescent-treated biological samples such as mice can be imaged using the Laser Scanner. Fluorescent tagging of organs or proteins in a section of a mouse can be imaged.
Fabrication step: Bio fabrication
Function: Bio material
Location: University of Queensland
Purpose: It is a micron resolved optical scanning device using either fluorescence or reflectance imaging with 2 lasers 635 and 532 nm.
Material systems: Organic, inorganic, polymers and biological
Node: Queensland
Scale/volume: Microscope slide or micro well plates up to a size of 15x85x127 mm
Specifications/resolution: Contains 633 & 532nm laser suitable for Cy 3 and Cy 5 dyes, has 620/20nm, 575/50nm, 635/35nm, 535/25nm and 692/40nm filters, spot from 70µm to 300µm, resolution from 4µm to 40µm per pixel and has array analysis software