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ANFF Staff Travel Fund announced

ANFFL has announced a Staff Travel Fund that will help to pay for interstate travel of ANFF node’s staff to other ANFF facilities.

Grants are available for up to AU$2,000 and cover interstate airfares, food and accommodation.

The fund is designed to help increase staff awareness of the capabilities available across the ANFF network, to build closer linkages between nodes, and increase opportunities for collaboration.

The fund provides reimbursement to nodes for staff to travel to undertake activities intended to enhance the capabilities of the applicant’s home node, the node being visited, or the wider ANFF network.

Successful applicants will be required to present a talk on their home node at the node they are visiting, and also to report back on their trip with a talk once they arrive back home.

Applicants must hold a position at least partly funded by the ANFF and must hold that position when the travel occurs.

Please follow these links for more information:
Travel fund guidelines 2017-18 pdf
Travel fund guidelines 2017-18 docx