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2017 Annual Research Showcase Silver Sponsor John Morris group

John Morris Group represents leading nanofabrication, surface science/characterisation and vacuum technology manufacturers. With the largest range of vacuum/thin film products in Australia & New Zealand we pride ourselves on our “One Stop Vacuum Shop” reputation.

Celebrating 60 years in business we are proud to represent:
· Leybold Germany – 165 year old pioneering manufacturer of vacuum pumps (diaphragm, scroll, roots, turbo, rotary vane, screw, cryo), leak detection and gauging;

· Kurt J Lesker – Over 60 years as a vacuum manufacturer of thin film deposition systems with over 1600+ systems shipped to 900+ customers (PVD – Sputtering/Organic/E-Beam/Thermal - ALD Deposition). Industry famous catalogue with over 40,000+ vacuum products including components, valves, thin film consumables…and lots more;

· VIGOR Gas Purification – Gloveboxes (Standard and Turnkey) with industry leading minimal leak rate due to their patented double seal system;

· SPECS Germany – Leading manufacturer of systems and components for surface spectroscopy and microscopy (XPS, UPS, AES, ISS, STM, SPM, LEEM/PEEM, LEED, SIMS, ToF, MBE, ARPES, SNMS and HREELS);

· Elionix – Electron Beam Lithography manufacturer with the world’s first 125kV system for unrivalled 1.7nm spot size;

· MKS Instruments - $1.4Billion company specialising in the R&D, semiconductor, industrial and pharmaceutical industry. World renowned for their quality vacuum gauges (Baratron/Granville Phillips etc..), Mass Flow Controllers, Residual Gas Analysers, FTIR Gas Analysers, process power supplies and lots more. MKS have recently acquired Newport to expand within the optical/photonics marketplace;

· Lots more including PECVD, Ion Etching, Manipulation, Chillers, Vacuum pump servicing (all brands with 12 month warranty). With sales and service offices in every state we are local to assist in your research needs.

John Morris Group Contact:

Free Call: 1800 251 799