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2016 Annual Research Showcase Bronze Sponsor Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta is a global market leading provider of integrated print hardware and software solutions.
Globally recognised for award-winning hardware products, Konica Minolta is a technology innovator that invests in research and development to deliver inspiring products and give shape to ideas.

Konica Minolta’s integrated solutions give businesses the insight to make faster, better decisions by automating manual processes, governing the flow of information, and providing seamless access to critical information and processes.

Konica Minolta Australia has partnered with the global leading 3D Printing Solutions provider, 3D Systems in 2015. As an authorized partner of 3D Systems, Konica Minolta Australia has established itself as Australia’s leading provider of a complete 3D printing offering. Konica Minolta Australia’s 3D Printing Solution offers installation, user-training and industry leading service support of the latest, cutting-edge 3D printing technology.

This partnership allows organisations and institutions alike to leverage Konica Minolta Australia’s established and unique infrastructure; a vast, global distribution network and logistics capabilities, consumables replenishment framework and technical expertise. Konica Minolta Australia’s 3D Printing Solution provides the foundation businesses need when investing in 3D Printing technology, as they unlock the significant benefits from 3D printing technology and give shape to new ideas.

Konica Minolta Contact: or 02 8026 2222.