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2015 Annual Research Showcase Gold Sponsor HDR

A leading Australian architectural practice, we are recognised for our design profile, which draws on significant Science, Education and Technology experience complemented by the strength, capability and capacity of our global research facility design practice. We design facilities to support learning and discovery, and which foster scientific advancements and innovations by enabling collaboration among people from a wide variety of science, education and technology disciplines with different expertise.

We consistently design and deliver more of these kinds of facilities worldwide than any other firm, and our Sydney office is known and lauded for designing some of Australia’s leading health and science facilities. We design and deliver the total project—from briefing through design to the complex detailing associated with cutting-edge environments for physical and life sciences, nano-scaled imaging and characterization, vivaria, biocontainment, and public health. Our portfolio of research cleanroom facilities is the largest in the world.

We have a special understanding of research at the nano-scale, and design and deliver facilities with the highest degree of temperature and humidity stability; vibration control; and electromagnetic and radio frequency field management. Satisfying these criteria simultaneously is paramount in designing these highly specialized facilities, where extremely sensitive equipment is used to apply atomic-scale solutions to real-world challenges.

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