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2015 Annual Research Showcase Bronze Sponsor Scitek

Scitek is your leading provider of vacuum technology, cryogenics, nanotechnology and surface characterisation. Customers know us for longstanding commitments and honest service. We offer unique services such as turbo pump vibration tests for objective pump health check and repair verification. Turbo pumps repaired by Scitek include a 12 months warranty. Brands we represent include Adixen, Pfeiffer Vacuum, Gamma Vacuum, VAT, Oxford Instruments (cryogenics and superconducting magnets), ScientaOmicron (SPM, UHV AFM, MBE), Cambridge Nanotech (ALD), Angstrom Engineering (PVD), Sentech (RIE) and many more.

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Total Vacuum solutions. Free Call: 1800 023 467 or