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2015 Annual Research Showcase Bronze Sponsor AXT

AXT is Australia’s leading supplier of analytical and sample preparation equipment. They supply solutions for the nanotechnology, microscopy and microanalysis communities from renowned manufacturers such as:

  • TESCAN – Manufacturers of FIBs, SEMs and optical microscopes. Developer of the world’s first fully integrated Xe plasma FIB, SEM with integrated Raman microscope and holographic microscopy;
  • DELMIC – Revolutionary Cathodoluminescence spectroscopy and imaging system capable of Angle-Resolved CL imaging opening up new horizons in plasmonic and photonic research;
  • NT-MDT – Produce SPMs, AFMs, TERS and SNOM. Systems range from modular instruments with specific applications, to compact high performance units with cantilever carousels to small, robust educational systems;
  • Thermo Scientific – World-leaders in surface science producing XPS and Auger for surface science investigations and EDS, WDS and EBSD systems for micro chemical analysis;
  • Fischione – The ultimate in EM sample preparation and handling equipment including ion mills, plasma cleaners and tomography holders;
  • Kleindiek – The leaders in in situ nanomanipulators and probe workstations for electrical characterisation;
  • Nanolive – Unique 3D live cell imaging using holographic tomography;
  • Hirox – Class-leading 3D digital microscopes with real time HD video output offering unprecedented functionality for reflectance optical microscopy;

AXT Contact:

For all your nano analysis and sample preparation requirements call +61 2 9450 1359 or email