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2014 Annual Research Showcase Silver Sponsor Ezzi Vision Pty Ltd

Ezzi Vision Pty Ltd, through its Vacuum and Thin Film Technology Division are distributors for Edwards Vacuum Pumps, Thyracont Vacuum Gauges, Meivac Sputter and E-beam Sources, Huntington Mechanical Vacuum Fittings, Veeco Ion Sources and Ion Beam Deposition Systems, HHV Ltd - the new home of the former Edwards Scancoat Six, Auto306, Auto500, TF500, TF600 thin film and glove box integrated deposition systems. Ezzi Vision has a highly skilled technical team and a specially equipped workshop facility in Melbourne provides both Sales and Service support.

An extensive range of thin film process consumables including ion source parts, resistance filaments, boats, sputter targets, e-beam gun parts, evaporation crucibles & materials and quartz monitor crystals are also available.

Ezzi Vision Contact:

Ezzi Vision Pty Ltd, 1 Dalmore Drive, Caribbean Business Park, Scoresby, VIC 3179, Australia.
Toll Free Phone: 1800 GO EZZI (1800 46 3994) Email:,