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2014 Annual Research Showcase Bronze Sponsor AXT

AXT is Australia’s leading supplier of analytical and sample preparation equipment. Solutions for the nanotechnology, microscopy and microanalysis communities include:

  • Scanning Electron Microscopes from Tescan – SEM’S including FEG-SEM’s, FIB-SEM’s, SEM’s with in-built AFM’s and the world’s first Xe plasma source FIB;
  • Microanalysis and Surface Analysis Systems from Thermo Scientific – WDS, EDS and EBSD detectors for SEM and bespoke XPS solutions.;
  • Micro Area X-Ray Diffractometers from Rigaku – The D/Max Rapid II sets industry standards analysing areas down to 10µm;
  • 3D Digital Video Microscopes from Hirox – Offering the highest optical inspection power (7000x) for analytical 3D surface imaging; and
  • Laser Raman Microscopes from Nanophoton – Boasting the world’s fastest Raman imaging.

AXT Contact:

Solutions for Science and Industry. +61 2 9450 1359 or email